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Company profile

Africamarine was created by the association of a group of Moroccan maritime competencies. The aim of this group is to provide an effective and practical response to almost all types of marine/transport and insurance related problems.

The project was launched because of an increasing need expressed by the major actors for real professional consulting services in the area.

Our team accumulated many years of combined seagoing, claims, and technical experience. Therefore, we are well positioned to play the requested role.

For our interventions we always bear in mind that communication is a corner stone and our clients are kept updated about the situation as it may be necessary thanks to new technologies.

Our C.E.O, Captain Mohammed LEFDALI is a sworn surveyor. He is a seagoing captain and holder of an MBA from the University of Sherbrook. He has in records, many years of experience on board of different types of vessels (Chemical tankers, containers, Ro/Ro, general cargo, passengers,…).

Captain Mohammed has also worked as fleet captain and operations manager for an important shipping line for many years. He is well versed in all types of surveys and frequently attend seminaries organized by international bodies.

In addition to our internal staff made of respectable professionals, a number of technicians & survey assistants are available to carry out routine duties in order to cover the completely Moroccan territory.

Few hours after our missions, we submit preliminary reports to the clients in order to have an idea about the situation and in order to study together the best possible steps for the best protection of the client’s rights. Comprehensive reports are prepared to suit the Client's particular need.