AFRICAMARINE conducts a big range of cargo condition/damage survey at the request of shipowners, managers, P&I Clubs, claim handling companies, …etc. Our surveyors have the experience and knowledge needed for every specific type of cargo. We can carry out a variety of cargo surveys and quality/quantity controls for all types of goods whether in bulk or containerized to suit your needs.Our mission is to provide you with quality cargo surveys on a 24/7 basis in all the Moroccan ports.


Compliance surveys

we verify the vessel’s suitability to carry your cargo (pre-loading).


Pre-loading surveys

  • during our preloading surveys, we check the condition of your cargo by recording any visible damages before shipment or at the warehouse/dock for insurance, carriers or freight forwarder’s purposes. Subsequently, we supervise the tally of your charged cargo in order to ascertain the number of units loaded on board. We determine the number of packaged units (bundles of wood i.e.) as well as the weight of said cargo after the end of loading operations.

During pre-loading surveys of break-bulk cargo, we ensure that BLs and mate’s receipts accurately note the apparent condition of your cargo. We also check the water tightness, condition and ventilation of the vessel’s holds.


Post-discharging survey

These are surveys that take place after/during the arrival of cargo at the discharge port. We check and detect damaged cargo, packages, boxes and bags during unloading operations and report to you every update (pre-unloading). We also send you pictures of damaged cargo, labels and packages. Furthermore, we proceed to sampling in necessary conditions. You will be immediately informed of any damaging factor of cargo during discharging of your cargo. In case of damage we submit  our own letter of protests against liable parties (owners, stevedores, transporters…etc).


Hold-cleanliness survey

Before loading cargo, holds must be examined for potential defects such as rust, insect infestation, oil sludge and water. Our mission is to check if the vessel’s cargo compartments are clean, dry and ready to receive your cargo before loading can begin.


Lashing survey

Our surveyors are highly experienced in the stowage, lashing and securing of a wide range of vessels and cargoes. During our surveys we focus on monitoring the safe handling and loading of your cargo and verifying if the cargo units are duly lashed and secured.


Draft survey

we use draft surveys to determine the weight of bulk cargo such as iron ore, coal, steel scrap, grain and some specific quantities of liquid cargo loaded onto, or discharged from, a vessel. AFRICAMARINE’s experienced and highly qualified professionals can conduct a draft survey on your behalf and produce an independent draft survey report.