Condition Surveys

We perform condition surveys on a variety of vessel types to assess the value and condition of the vessel and to identify possible areas of risk for the eventual underwriter, owner or charterer. With our combination of technical resources and expertise, we perform the following types of surveys:

  • Pre-purchase condition survey: our surveyors have the required skills and experience to make a full inspection of the hull, machinery and equipment of the vessel when she is changing her owner.
  • On hire/off hire survey: the purpose of on hire/off hire surveys is principally to determine the extent of damage, other than fair wear and tear, which may have occurred to the ship between two dates, usually those of the commencement and termination of charter. Our reports include a detailed description of a vessel’s cargo spaces/deck areas structural condition, cargo space cleanliness, bunkers on board, listing of the vessel’s statutory certificates, portable securing equipment, etc.
  • Pre-entry survey: we inspect and establish the condition of the hull, machinery and overall condition of the ship to the attention of the ship’s P&I Clubs.

Damage surveys

AFRICAMARINE is nominated on a regular basis, to act on behalf of H&M underwriters, P&I Clubs, vessel’s owners and charterers, to assess damages sustained to vessels as a result of collisions, groundings, fires, explosions, sinking and contact with floating objects as well as machinery failures.

We have the required skills and experience to perform visual inspections, tests and review of trading documents in addition to class, statutory, maintenance and safety related documents and certificates. Right after our nomination, we will attend and survey the damaged vessel or equipment, monitor repair work and determine the probable cause of the damage.

We perform H&M damage surveys on a wide variety of the vessels, ships, barges, marine cranes, offshore equipment… as well as all machinery related to the navigation, propulsion and operations of the listed vessels.