Having set up our offices in the most strategic ports of Morocco, but also thanks to our network and a fully dedicated staff with proved experience in shipping activities, AFRICAMARINE is able to assist all kinds of ships in any port of the country.

Designed to ensure that your ships enter and leave any Moroccan port as quickly and efficiently as possible without incurring unnecessary delays and additional costs, our ship’s agency services include:

  • Completion of all relevant vessel clearance documentation,
  • Supervision of loading and discharging of cargo,
  • Cargo customs clearance,
  • Providing ship’s husbandry,
  • Sourcing of supplies and spare parts,
  • Crew change formalities,
  • Handling ship services including repairs and maintenance.

Our customers benefit from the experience and local knowledge our professional team has established with ship owners and operators, port authorities and other maritime stakeholders to bring them the highest levels of service.